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I'm the Advertiser

  • What are the different Advertising Options Available? (Advertising Credits Types)
  • CashnHits provides different Advertising Options to its Advertisers, have a look at them and you can decide which option suits you the best:

    • PTC Ads/Link Hits: This is the most common advertising option for the Advertisers and the basis of the PTC Sites. Your Ad will be shown to our members for certain time and you get guaranteed hits and also many sales and conversions. You can geo-target your Ads and get many other targeting options.
    • Banner Credits: Looking for the cheapest and effective way to advertise your site? then all you need is a attractive 468*60 Banner and some of the Banner Credits.
    • Exchange Ads/X-Credits: Looking to get hits to your Blog to improve Alexa (and possible conversions too) or looking to earn from PTP for other sites?? Then manual Exchange Credits is a way to go for you.
    • Exchange Ads/X-Credits: Looking to get hits to your Blog to improve Alexa (and possible conversions too) or looking to earn from PTP for other sites?? Then manual Exchange Credits is a way to go for you.
    • Guaranteed Signups/Paid to Signup Offers (PTSU): If you are looking for some EXACT amount of referrals/conversions irrespective of your progam, then this option is for you. You Create your offer and Reward them for joining your offers. Please look at the next FAQ for complete details about PTSU.
  • What are Guaranteed Signup/PTSU Credits? How do they Work?
  • First, make sure that CashnHits DO NOT provide direct referrals to your site. We only provide you the Signup Credits and then everything is managed by you, that is how much incentive you want to give to the members to join the site you want referrals/members etc. Here the term "Guaranteed Signups" refers that while in other advertising methods you do not know how much members you may get, with these you are always sure to recieve the amount of Signups equivalent to the Credits you bought.

    How Guaranteed Signus/PTSU Credits work:
    • Advertisers buy the Credits. 100 Credits = 100 Cents = Value 100 (i.e. Value of 1 = $0.01).
    • Then advertisers make their Ad by selecting the appropriate Incentive/Offer for members to join their offer. You provide the Incentive in terms of value, so if you want to give 10 Cents for an offer, put the Value as 10. It will use 10 Credits from your account per Signup and if you have say 100 Credits in your account, then you can have a maximum of 100/10 = 10 Referrals/Members under you. Giving a Value to an offer does not make the Ad Active as you need
    • Once they make their Ad active by assigning Credits to it, the Offer will be shown in our Offer page, and members can come and join the offer. After that you can check them in your "PTSU Offer Management Page" and can Approve/Deny them accordingly if they have completed the task successfully or not. Make sure Denying any legit Signup can have negative effect on you and can even get your account suspended and Credits forfeited.
    • Also, the more the value of your Offer, the higher it will be placed in the Offer Page, and so more members will see it and will be inclined to join your offer, so you can also check the Offer page for different offers to know how much value you should put for your offer...
    • Whenever a member joins your offer, you get 14 days to Approve/Deny his/her Request and after that the offer will be Auto-Approved. That being said, please do not deny any of the orders instantly as when a member joins a offer, it does not mean he completed the offer but it means he has started or is interested in the offer. So please check his activity for some days before denying any of the Sign up

    How to Make your Offer/Ad:

    After that you can make your Ad by going to "Manage Ads" than selecting PTSU/Signup Ups from the drop-down menu and then making your Ad and also tell how much credit/cent/cash you want to give to the members for joining under you (like if you put Value as 5, it means members will get 5 cents on joining your offer, and it will take 5 credits from your account for each signup)... Once you have made your Ad, you can "Add Credits" to your Ad, and then it will be available in Our "Complete Offer" Section, where members can join up your program.. And also you can see those members completing your offers, and can approve them if you see them under u and active, or you can deny any false signup too... So everything will be MANAGED by YOU ONLY

    More Information:

  • How do I Create or Manage my Ads?
  • This Video should help you with Step by Step procedure to Create and Manage your Ads:

  • Can I Target my Ads? What Options I have got?
  • Yes, you can. This is one of another feature of CashnHits which has attracted many Advertisers in the past. We care for our advertisers and know their need to promote their businesses globally and locally. This is the reason CashnHits provides very strong Targeting Options to its advertisers and that too at NO EXTRA COSTS. You can Geo-Target not only your PTC Ads but also your Signup Offers and Exchange Ads. Though this option is provided by most of the sites, CashnHits allows you to select more than One Country or even target them based on Continents or English Speaking Countries only. You can even show your ads to our Premium Members only or can use many other features.

    You get all the Targeting options while Creating your Advertising Campaign.

  • I am looking for Advertising Exchange? (PTC, Banner or Link Exchange)
  • First thank you for your interest to have advertising exchange with us, we really appreciate that. However, right now because of our existing contracts with our advertisers we are close for any Advertising Exchanges at the moment. But if you are looking for some discounts on the bigger advertising packages, then definitely we can provide that to all PTC Site Owners. We do have a Special PTC Ad Page for the Site Owners here: PTC Owner Special

  • I have some other Advertising Doubt/Query, where I can get more Information?
    • Don’t wait: just "Submit a Ticket" using the form below with your query and we will do our best to help you with that.
    • You can also look at our forum here: BuxTalk Forum to find more information.
    • You can also go to our Youtube Channel to find more useful videos related to CashnHits.

I'm the Member

  • How can I earn money in CashnHits?
  • CashnHits is basically a Paid to CLick (PTC) Site where you get paid to View some Advertisements for some time from our Advertisers, though CashnHits now provides many many ways for its member to earn Money and also providing the Advertisers many competitive advertising options.

  • How and When do I get paid?
  • First and foremost, payments in CashnHits are NOT INSTANT. Once you request your payment it goes into the Pending Requests and then its been checked by our Staff and then the payments are done by Masspay. The Waiting time for your payment should be no more than 2-5 days, but to be on the safe side, lets call it a maximum of 7 days.

    You should note these Points about the payments:

    • Payments are NOT Instant but are processed in 2 to 7 Business Days, unless specified in the News about any delay. We do have real life and sometimes we may not be able to make payments for some reasons within 7 days. In such case members will always be notified about any delays.
    • The Primary Payment processor used by us is Paypal. Though we also provide Alertpay as an option and sometimes LibertyReserve, but we do not take any responsibility on the availability of the funds there and they can be disabled any time or higher fee can be implemented in case of low funds. We are an Advertising based site who completely rely on our Clients and never ask members for any investment or anything (unlike most other PTC sites which pay members from investment of others and eventually go scam). As all our Advertisers use only Paypal for payments, so we also have most of our funds in Paypal. The only source for AP and LR is the site purchases which frankly speaking do not even cover 5% of the total sales.
    • Members from India cannot request payments via Alertpay unless they are upgraded. Also Indian members must make sure they have their Bank Account, PAN Card Number, and Purpose Code added to their Paypal, otherwise payments are denied by Paypal (as per the new Rules from RBI).
    • Payments are not made automatically, but you need to Request them once you have reached your minimum payout. You can check here as how to Request your Payment
    • Please contact us if you do not received your payment in 7 days and its showing you "Paid" in the Site and we will be very happy to check it and assist you regarding the same.
  • What is a PIN? I have lost my PIN what I do now?
  • PIN or Personal Identification Number, acts as an extra layer of security of your account and works as a secondary password so even in case your account is hacked or password is leaked. PIN is required each time you want to make important changes to your account like changing Email or Payment Options and even when you request a payment.

    Resetting a PIN:

    PIN is basically a 4-digit number and every member must need to set it while joining CashnHits, so you must have set your PIN already. But if you have forgotten your PIN or need to change it, you can do it from here: Reset PIN

    Please do not use your Bank Account or other Payment processor PIN here.

  • I want to Add/Change/Update my Payment Details, how can I do that?
  • Changing/Updating the Payment Details:
    For Security reasons, Members cannot change their Payment Emails once entered. But you can always send us a Ticket with your correct/updated payment emails using the form below and we will change them for you.

    How to Add your Payment Details:

    Please refer to this thread to see Step by Step processing for setting up your Payment Details:,774.0.html

  • I cannot login to the Site?
  • First, don’t panic:)

    • Check other websites, make sure your internet connection is up and running.
    • Make sure that you are logged in to your account (and that you are in the correct one, as some people have more than one…).
    • Can’t log in? Choose, reset password, enter your email, and look for our email with further instructions.
    • Can’t activate your account? Check your Spam folder for the activation email and click the link in that email to continue.
    • When you let us know of a technical problem, please provide us as much information as possible, such as your username, browser type, operating system used, CashnHits URL where the problem occurred and any screenshot that you think would be helpful to understand the problem as quickly as possible.
  • My Account is Suspended what should I do now?
  • First, don’t panic:) Even if you have done something wrong, CashnHits always believe in giving second chance to everyone. Our aim is to create a good community of honest people and not to impose harsh decisions on mistakes. So if you find your account suspended you can contact us with a valid reason and we will be happy to review your account again and consider your case.

    If your account is suspended, then you are NOT ALLOWED to create a new account. Any attempt to do so will lead to suspension of the new account (most accounts are suspended at the time of requesting payments so if you can create an account and can use it DO NOT think that you have succeeded. Its better to contact us and resolve your issue with the current account.

    CashnHits always provides the Reason of Suspension and you see it when you try to log in, so you always know the reason. So to have a FASTER Resolution of your issue always Contact Us with your Suspension Reason.

    Unfortunately if you have been warned or suspended before and this is your 2nd time, then we cannot restore your account again at any cost.

    All Accounts are manually checked and if your account is suspended there will definitely be a reason and we tell you that. But in case you think its not correct or there was some misunderstanding you can always contact us, but abusing CashnHits or any of the Staff Member or talking in rude way will not help you and we may not even review your case. So please be cool and calm and we assure you, we will try our best to sort out the issues.. :)

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