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What are PTP, Points, Advertising and Contest Stats?


PTP is Paid to Promote. That is with it you get paid to get visitors to your PTP Link (and if they join they will be your referrals as well).

PTP Stats gives info about the PTP hits you got and how much you earned etc.. 

You can find all info regarding this in this page:

Now Points is that you earn them by clicking some of the Point Ads in PTC Section and also from some other activities like purchasing referring etc..

With Points you can buy upgrades or advertising from the Point Store here:

Advertising Stats are the different Advertising Credits you have.. You can use them to promote your other sites or referral links in CashnHits and can get referrals to them (don't use them for cashnhits in cashnhits)..

You can check this video for all info about them and how to create them (at the end each advertising type is explained):

Or you can also check these Step by Step Instructions to create a Banner Ad (most Ads can be made in similar way):

For Contests, you can check this page:

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