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Can I promote the PTP link in Manual Traffic Exchanges?


Yes, Definitely. Manual Exchanges are not only allowed but are "Recommended" as well! :)

They are a great and free way to earn from PTP and also gets you great results as well as refferals! Please also check our "Top Domain" List for the sites which can earn you the most from PTP and  which lists most of the good Manual Traffic Exchanges where CashnHits PTP Links are allowed as well.

If you know any other Traffic Exchanges which are not shown in the above list but allow the CashnHits PTP link then let us know and we will look into them to include in our Top Domain List! :)

Only Autosurfs and Hidden/Zero etc iframes are not allowed for the PTP Links. 


Hidden/Zero Frames are usually used by cheaters or hackers. For normal member as long as you not promoting in any Autosurf program you do not need to worry about the iframe thing. :)

Best Regards
CNH Staff

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