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If I Invest via Payza can I Request Payment via Paypal?


Absolutely Yes. Cashnhits does not enforce any such rules and so you can always request payment from the payment processor of your choice irrespective of which payment processor you invested the money or didn't invested at all. :)

So if you have requested from Paypal, you can still requested payment via Paypal or Alertpay (or if any other payment processor that is available).

Similarly even if you have invested via Payaz, you can still request payment via Payza or Paypal.


PLEASE Note that each processor may have its own fees or restrictions at some time, but that will be irrespective of the member's investments. (For example, Indian members cannot request payment via Payza unless they are upgraded, but yes if they are upgraded they do not necessarily need to request via Payza only or through the processor they invested. They can use the payment processor they prefer to request their payment. :))

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