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How much will I earn from my Referrals?


Currently, Standard Members earn following percentage of their Referral Earnings:

PTC Ads   -> 10%

Video Ads ->   2%

Like Ads   ->   2%

Autosurf   ->   1%

Upgraded Members earn much more from there referrals and can earn upto 100% for PTC Ads from their referrals and upto 10% for Autosurf. The Upgrades start from $1/month ($3 for 3 months) and we RECOMMEND eveoryne to upgrade their account for better earnings potiential (even if you do not have any referrals its always profitable to upgrade your account, as we have membership for all type of members).

You can check out all of the upgrades options here.

However no one is forced at Cashnhits to Upgrade, and you can use the site as Standard Member without any restrictions!

P.S. All of the upgrade options give you same amount of Ads, so the basic difference between all of them is in the referral earnings, so choose the membership you want depending upon the number of referrals you have. Each Upgrade has a "Note" with it to help you decide which upgrade can be best for you.

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