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Offerwallista!!! Jun 28, 2015


Hey Members,

As our continued work on the site we have some good updates on 3 Offerwalls. Hope members will enjoy them and can earn more. :)

1. PTCWall is Back.. :)

2. Minutestaff now also has referral earning of 5% (currently same for all memberships including free member).

3. We also having one new Offerwall by tomorrow, so stay tuned. :)

We usually never ever ask our members to invest (other than time :)) and we never will, but everyone deserves a little help. :)
So hope members can be more active in our Offerwalls. We try to offer the highest earnings (if any site gives better earnings do let us know and we will try to match that), and would really appreciate if you use these Offerwalls to boost your earnings. :) (And it really helps the site getting stronger)..

Thank you once again everyone and have a great weekend. :)

Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Better and Faster Support :) Jun 22, 2015

Hello Members,

Hope everyone is doing great and had a great weekend. We are very happy to see how CashnHits is progressing since Eva has joined us and then Rushik working full time on sites. :) Currently we may not have enough to show but our Advertisers are increasing (YAY!!) and many other things are in the pipeline. :) But first and foremost we are working to bring the Support to the level it was few years back (We accept that its not being great for last 1 year but trust us we were very busy), because we believe a better support is a key to happy members.. :)

We are working on extensive knowledge base to help our members with general questions and our support staff will be able to reply to all tickets within 24-48 hours. We have also updated our Support Software with many cool updates and hope members will like these updates. :)

We will soon be back with more updates so sit tight. :)

Thank you and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket.

Happy Happy Times Again!! Jun 10, 2015

Hello Members,

Hope everyone is doing great. Sorry again for not posting for last few days (huh sorry seems to be my favorite word now), but was really very very busy last month as my parents had come to visit me. But all good now, and I have some very very good news for all of us. Rushik, as most of you may not, will be WORKING FULL TIME now on sites. His devotion to site is unparalleled and now he has stepped up to help the site and has actually left his full time job so that he can take care of the site better. This also means that I can finally retire from the site. Heh just kidding lol its kinda my life now. But yes I can concentrate more on coding and on client relations so that we can make CNH even stronger. Yes we have said many of these things before but now we also have proof (with Rushik's decision) that we indeed trying our best to make CNH better. Rushik also already gone through all knowledge transfer and thus everyone should start seeing difference immediately especially with the Support. Now you should get a reply within 24 hours in all cases (except some very few old Tickets which I will definitely reply this weekend).

We have been making a to-do list for things need to be changed, updated etc and from this weekend I will start working on them. Unfortunately I can only work during weekends so it will be a bit slow but I will do my best. But all site related things should be very fast and smooth.

For Now we have these 2 Big Updates:
1. Payza is back (though temporarily we still have to figure out how we can balance the Payza Cash Flow). Hope members can help us a bit by making the purchases through Payza if possible. We really will appreciate that, member's purchases are the only source of Payza income for us.
2. Autosurf Surf Limit has Increased (almost doubled), so much more earnings for everyone :)

Sorry time to go to bed, but just wanted to keep members updated. Will post more news soon with more updates we have. And I also think its in itself is a very big news and I am very confident that it should reflect very soon in member's earnings. And as server is also very stable now, so hope members can promote CNH further, new blood is always good he he.. :)

Thanks and Best Regards..

CNH Update!! Apr 19, 2015

Hello Members,

Hope everyone is doing great. Sorry for not posting any updates last 2 weeks. Been very busy with the new job, but also been working a lot on site speed etc (as promised before) and can already see with almost 100% uptime of the site. Will continue working on it to make sure we do not have any hosting or downtime issues in the future, as we understand its one of the most important aspect of PTC Sites.

Secondly, as you may notice that site support for newer Tickets is faster, though still any Tickets which have to be replied by me are slow. But I am transferring knowledge to Eva, our new support Admin and so soon she will take care of all the Tickets (along with Sneha) and so all tickets should be resolved ASAP. I will also reply to old tickets as soon as I can, so thank you so much for your patience on this regard.

Now we really happy to see how site doing last few days as the Traffic has almost doubled in just last 3 weeks, which is really great. Of course for more traffic we need more advertisers too which we working on as well (that is why Autosurf views were reduced a bit but they should come to normal).

Also now we have some good advertisers for YouTube comments which is also one of our very successful addon. though think it has some bugs and we are looking into them as well.

Lastly we slowly getting good orders for FB Likes too, so we would encourage people to do them as well, its really a very good earning source.

As always we will appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have and also if you find any bugs or issues please DO let us know.

Thank you and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Free Upgrades!!! Mar 22, 2015

Free Upgrades!!!

Hello Members,

As promised last week,we have granted free upgrades to all the members for the issues last week. Those who were already upgraded have been added 6 extra days, while rest ALL ACTIVE Members (who logged in in last 15 days) have been granted one week free upgrade. If anyone who was on higher upgrade and have lost it, please use this free upgrade and then by 6th or 7th day send us a Ticket letting us know and we will grant extra 1-4 days to your upgrade (depending on the upgrade).

We sincerely apologize for all the issues, but please understand that no one lost more than us. But what is important is to learn and work harder and that is what we are and we will be doing. If you see we have already worked on the host issues we were having and continue working hard to make site better and better.

We still understand many members had lost their time and some earnings, but we will work hard to compensate them in coming days. We would only request to please bear on this and not send us Tickets about some earnings lost or something, as it would be really hard for us to compensate members individually.

Once again thank you very much for all your support. It is very important to us.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Thank you for your Support!! Mar 15, 2015

Hello Members,

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support and patience with the last server/host issue. Being online for over 5 years, we are having too many ups and downs. It should have been on much more stronger position. We strongly feel this is not acceptable and we should pull our socks. And trust me we are now. We going to do everything we can to make sure now that our site does not even go down for even ONE SECOND. And we going to spend every day at least some time not just to do our job but to make sure that Cashnhits is getting better every day and its moving forward. No more complacency, and a top notch support will be the priority which was what which took CNH to where it is now.

In return we ONLY ask you for your time, and help us get to the top by promoting as much as you can. We have never asked and never will ask for anyone to invest anything (apart from time).

Thank you again for being with us and hope we can make CNH one of your Top earning site.. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Urgent Downtime News Mar 11, 2015

Dear Members, we having some Technical issues :( So Sorry but site will be up and down today for next 10 hours. I will try to fix it once I am back from office. Thanks and Best Regards. Julia and Saket

Server Moved. :) Mar 10, 2015

Hello Members,

We have finally moved to the new server and all things have been enabled back including Autosurf. Please bear with us for next few days as we will keep optimizing the server. So we would still suggest to wait and see a couple of days before you promote the site back.

Also think currently emails are not going out yet. According to the Host, they start going out ONLY after DNS is fully propagated which takes 24-48 hours. So we think they will start going out in another 24 hours or so. Would really appreciate if you do not send a Ticket for next few hours regarding mails not coming. If it still persists we will ask our host to check again.

Also if you see any errors or site being slow please let us know. The more information you can provide the better it will be for us.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Urgent!!!! Host Move Mar 08, 2015

Hello Members,

The day has come. As they say enough is enough. We have been with Snoork for many years and always had issues with them. We tried upgrading, moving servers etc and hardly anything worked (We did had very good reasons too to stay with them even though they are super expensive). So we have finally decided to move to Another Host. As I have wrote in last News, we really not sure how it gonna turn out but we have fingers crossed and would try to do our best for everything to run smoothly.

So anyways, we will do the server move in couple of hours. So please here are few VERY IMPORTANT Points:

1. Please if you have any campaign running (to promote CNH) in other sites, I would HIGHLY recommend to pause it.

2. We will disable Autosurf before we move and it will be disabled for couple of hours (upto a day) even after the move, just to make sure everything running fine.

3. I am pretty sure this host is much more professional than Snoork, so we will display a moving to new server page and then soon you should be able to access the sites in new server.

4. I would suggest to save this link: and make sure when site is not up for you to check if its just you or everyone.

5. If you not able to access the site, then try to clear DNS cache and also your cookies and cache. Also you can try to check it temporarily in different browser.

6. There SHOULD NOT be any data loss and you can work on the site as long as you see the site online, without any fear of loosing anything.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Very Important Information!!!!! Mar 02, 2015

Very Important Information!!!!!

Hello Members,

Sorry for not much of interaction from me last few days, but PLEASE READ THIS Message as it contains VERY VERY IMP information.

1. So I have been bit inactive lately because I got a job (finally Yay!!) and so had been very busy. I had to move to another State (2000 miles away :P) and get things together etc. Also I am joining my job from tomorrow and I am not sure how it will work out but as I have stated before, it should be better than before as at least once I am home I am home and can give definite amount of time to the sites.

2. New Admin Staff: To rectify above problem to certain extent I would like to introduce a NEW take care of our site "Eva". She will be taking care of most of my work and so Support Tickets (which were handled by me) should get done faster and also most of our day to day site work. Hope Eva will get warm welcome from all the members. :)

3. Regarding Offerwalls: Thanks to "some" cheaters, UNFORTUNATELY we will have a new rule for offerwalls. Now you can only claim your earning from an offerwall offer ONLY after 30 days after you completed the offer. Before we were paying even before we got paid from those offerwalls, but we had suffered a huge loss due to many fraud offers and so we have no other choice. Once you do an offer it will go to your Pending balance (which you will be able to see) and after 30 days it will be added automatically to your main balance. This should come in affect anytime this week.

4. Site Issues and Promoting: Due to past issues with the server and not much support from Snoork (and must say we really sick of them) we are deciding to move to other host. It gonna be a BIG BIG move and its a bit risky too. We will try our bet, but I would suggest all to PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE site for next one week or so. And also if site is sometimes inaccessible please bear with us and hope you can support us. I am really sorry guys I know that no other site who been online for this long has had this many issues like us (but then how many sites have survived this long? :P) but we try our best but we are just students and also learning each day (not to mention not been very lucky with coders and host :P)..

Thanks again everyone, I will be updating with few more things soon. If anyone have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Regarding Referral Contest Jan 29, 2015

Hey Members,

Hope everyone is doing great. Just a small update regarding the currently concluded referral contest. The final Referral Contest Leaderboard (after removing some cheaters from it) will be updated and prizes will be paid out by the END OF FRIDAY.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience with the delay..

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Referral Contest Winners Jan 27, 2015

Hello Members,

Great showing by everyone on the referral contest. We will be checking accounts and the Leaderboard will be updated within next 2 days and then the prizes will be paid out to all.

Thanks for your participation and hope to have more contests soon. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Referral Contest.. 2 Days Left Jan 23, 2015

Hello Members,

Good Luck to all the participating members for the referral contest. 2 days left but still enough time to push the leader board. May the best member win.. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

ONLY Four Days Left!! Jan 21, 2015

Hello Members,

Hope everyone is doing great. Would just wanted to update everyone that only 4 days left for the referral contest, though still a lot of time for everyone to compete. We wish good luck to everyone and thanks for your efforts.

We also would want to apologize to all the members with some recent issues.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Sincerest Apologies :( Jan 17, 2015

Hello Members,

We are extremely sorry for the downtime today. It wasn't meant to, but it just didn't go much our way and there was hardly anything in our hand. A move which was supposed to be of 10-15 minutes turned into a horrible nightmare. First some issues with server moving and then the new server became unresponsive and then we just had to move forth and back between new and old server (and what's worst part is we still in the old server).

Feeling really bad, as nothing was achieved and had such a downtime. We sincerely apologize to especially those members who were promoting CashnHits for the referral contest. But hope you guys will understand our side too. We were trying our best to make site better and faster.

Anyways sites are back now, there is definitely no data loss and also Autosurf is enabled now too and everything working as before.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Urgent Downtime Update!! Jan 16, 2015

Hello Members

Hello Members just an update on the news I just posted 10 minutes ago. We decided the move the server right now. Downtime should not be more than 15-30 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Urgent Downtime News!!! Jan 16, 2015

Hello Members,

Just a quick update, that as many may have noticed that last 3-5 days our site going down sometimes. Its because of some hardware issue in the server. So we are upgrading to a new server (Yay!!) which is much more powerful and should be very fast (well that's what our host claims :P).

The server is ready and only sites need to be moved. So our sites will be down today for approximately 1-3 hours. Expected time is from 3pm EST to 6pm EST. So please if you are promoting the site, so if you can pause your ads for that time..

It may take much less time then that, but just in case..

Thanks for your patience and support..

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Urgent News!!! Jan 05, 2015

Hello Members,

Today we had an issue as CashnHits got hacked and many members would have got the message to register to a forum etc.

So please if you have done this or have paid someone to increase your balance etc, do let us know. The site is all good now and we will not take any action to those people who have got balance added etc but if you let us know. If you do not and we find it later while checking accounts (or when you add Ads etc) then we will not be responsible for it.

Thank you and sorry again for this issue.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

My Sincerest Apologies (And Referral Contest Starting Tomorrow) Dec 14, 2014

My Sincerest Apologies (And Referral Contest Starting Tomorrow)

Hello friends,
I am extremely sorry for not being able to start the referral contest nor the promised SALE and my Inactivity on site last few days. As many of you know I am searching for a job after my studies and its been very busy for me, and last 2 weeks I had many many interviews etc. I really wanna thank the CNH team though for doing such a great job keeping the site up and running. Thank you very much to Supriya Di (my sister), Julia, Rushik, Sneha, and our very new member of the team: Eva. And also to each and every active member.. :)

Now coming to News, we will start the Referral Contest tomorrow (On 14th night EST) and you can see the rankings in the leader board from the first day. For this delay I would certainly put bigger prizes than the last time. Contest will be for one month.

For SALE, I am going to do it over the referral contest, with sometimes sales on Upgrades and sometimes on advertising or referrals etc. It can be on any day, but expect mostly on the weekends.

Regarding the new features, I am sorry we will not be able to add any new features for now until I get job and get settled, but we always try to get good advertisers and thus better earnings for the members.

As always your feedback is very valuable to us and help us move forward.

Thank you and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Major Updates and Upcoming Contest Nov 18, 2014

Hello Members,

Hope everyone is doing great. Wanted to reach out to members with some more updates on the site. Before that just wanted to reiterate on the present and future of Cashnhits as I believe is very important for everyone. PTCs have always been a hit and a miss and unfortunately its going down further day by day with lesser and lesser good sites day by day. BUT CashnHits is there to STAY. We have been online for 5+ years now and each and every day we have worked for its future and not the present. So the best of CashnHits is yet to come. Its more like our pension plan and that's why instead of seeking immediate profit we always work for making it STRONGER.

But a site is nothing without its members and so we will always need help from our members, BUT UNLIKE OTHER PTC Sites the only investment we want from you is your time. CashnHits never forces anyone to invest/upgrade nor will ever do and we provide all standard and upgraded members opportunities to earn.

So that being said, hope members can help us to make CNH stronger and a safer place to earn (Some examples would be doing PTSU offers, Offerwalls, Surveys etc). If you feel any other site provides HIGHER earnings on Offerwalls, please let us know.

Ok ok enough blabbering :P :P Time for some major updates :)

1. Upcoming Referral Contest: We happy to announce that within this week, we will have another referral contest. First prize will be over $100 in cash prize and over $250 overall and many other exciting prizes (upto rank 50). We hope for a great participation from the members. We may also run a contest for PTSU (though its tentative), so check back the site for more updates on this.

2. Forum: Unfortunately we were having many issues with our forum and so it has been closed. We are planning to get integrated forum now and are working on it.

3. PTC Ads: This week we will be working on the PTC Ads to get more of those ads (Autosurf has been our bread and butter but as many members have suggested and asked, PTC is something which attracts most new members and also easier for many people) and so there should be good increase in the earnings from PTCs and hopefully it will be very good for new members. Also we will add some ONE-TIME Ads for the upgraded members and also for new members.

4. Black Friday Sales: Cashnhits hardly does sales and many members have continuously asked for them and so we have decided for some Mega Sales for Black Friday, though we won't be available ourselves on that day lol so this sale will be carried out on following Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th November).

Hopefully members will like these new changes and as always if anyone have any suggestions or ideas please let us know. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!! Nov 06, 2014

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!

Hello Members,
First I wanna wish Rushik a very very happy Birthday. May God Bless you my best buddy. He is CashnHits silent hero and I don't think we could have got CashnHits this far without him. From account checking to doing almost any work I ask him off (including all my work when I am unable to), he really handles everything and that too AWESOMELY. So I hope every member can wish him as well his 94th Birthday (ha just kidding he only turned 23). You can spam him at or his FB: or can just send him prayers :)

Now I am sorry for a bit Inactivity from my side on last few days, but as I mentioned before I am looking for job and also my sister is on vacation (yea she also part of site :P and I just became maternal uncle for 2nd time ;)) so have more work. But rest assured we work 24*7 to make the site better (sometime visible sometimes not eh) and we still have many plans to make it better and we always have our ears all open (and cleaned) to hear any ideas our members; have however crazy they may be.

Thanks again to all the members, and many many happy returns of the day my buddy. Live long and be healthy. I wish you in behalf of all the site staff and members :) Oh and thanks to all members too, we recently crossed 400K members.. :)

Hopefully I can come up with some good news by next time for members too, and hope to make CNH stronger and stronger.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Three Giants Oct 03, 2014

Three Giants

Hello Members,
We are happy to announce inclusion of Three Giants into our earning community viz Comments Addon, Peanut Labs Surveys and Offerwall.

We have been working for few months on Comments Addon and we really have high hopes with it. We have tried to make it as simple as we can for the users (though applying for it a bit hard for some members, as YT has made it complicated on that Channel thing :P but we might upload a video or tutorial with images on it soon). But if anyone have any feedback or find any bug on this please let us know. Now the toughest part comes for us, to get the advertisers :P

Peanut Labs I think many members will already be familiar with, but if you not then I would suggest to give it a try, complete your Profile and see for yourself. They have some good offers and easy surveys too (as we heard ;)).

Lastly, also is one for which we have heard many positive comments and hopefully members will like it too. But good or bad, please let us know and only your feedback can help us know better what our members like.. :)

Still trying on Matomy (but they never reply back), RadiumOne and Trialpay, and if anyone have any other suggestions or found any other thing which they think can be a good edition please let us know.

We will also be starting some new contests soon (once we made sure Comment feature is running smoothly), so stay tuned. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia & Saket

Last Day Payments Issue Oct 01, 2014

Last Day Payments Issue

Hello Members,
Just want to update members that last payment which we made, many of the Payments were denied by the Paypal (as they temporarily locked our account, possibly because of some unusual activity. Of course its all good now :)). So we will be checking those denied payments today and then send them back again. So please if you have not got the payment have patience and you should be getting them soon (most probably today).

Thanks and Regards.
Julia and Saket

Some Latest Updates Sep 17, 2014

Some Latest Updates..

Hola Members,
Hope everyone is doing great. First we want to congratulate all Referral Contest Winners again. It was a very nice competition and hope everyone enjoyed it. We also learned a lot from it and hope we can have better and better contests in the future. We have some exciting news and some updates so if you can spend 5 minutes. :)

1. YT Comment Addon: The Addon is now almost done (Sorry it was supposed to launch in last 1-2 weeks but our coder was unavailable for 10 days for personal reasons), and hopefully can launch it by this weekend. We are doing testing now and fixing any bugs. So again I would like to reiterate that interested members should make their YouTube Channel and make a good profile (just adding their Name, Profile Pic (just normal pic does not have to be some persons pic avatars are fine)). The addon should provide good earnings for members while should be very easy (members will not need to make any comments, just copy/paste the comments).

2. Surveys coming: As posted last week, we also should have surveys coming very very soon. Just need to get some document work and then we can integrate them and launch.

3. Paypal Payments: Some of our last Paypal payments are still under processing and we have heard that its technical issue on their end. So if some members have not got them yet (and it shows paid in account) please wait for couple of days. If you still do not see them in few days then send us a support ticket.

4. Offerwall Stats: As we have said before all Offerwall Stats have been recorded and the Stats for members should be available soon in the account panel to track their Offerwall earnings.

As always your feedback is very important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or something you would like to see in the site or any other earning opportunity you think which can be added to our site. :)

Thanks and Best Regards.
Julia and Saket

Congratulations and Well Done Everyone!! Sep 08, 2014

Congratulations and Well Done Everyone!!

Hello Members,
Thanks to everyone for their great contribution and competition in the recently concluded Referral Contest. It was great to see the competition and positive attitude of members and encourage us to have more such contests soon.

We would like to congratulate all the Winners, especially smerf, ATL888 and jimjonesptc for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd Rank respectively (unfortunately ziadimranmaloof has been suspended for fake referrals).
CNH has had record members in this month (in its 5 year time) and that tells a lot in itself.

We would also like to thank everyone for their efforts and HONESTY which has always been something we value the most in CNH. Almost everyone (except ziadimranmaloof and probably 1-2 more) played it fair and it was their hard work which won them the prizes and they truly deserve them.

Lastly, the prizes for 11th to 30th will be added to their balance by the End of the Day, while for first 10 positions, we would send the prizes directly to their Paypal (if your Paypal is different from the one in account please send us a support ticket regarding it) by this Friday (could be earlier but I have 3 back to back interviews from 10th to 12th so I am not sure if I can get enough time, I apologize for it).

Thank you again everyone and if anyone have any suggestions or feedback regarding the contest or any addition/changes you would like to see please let us know.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Julia and Saket

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