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                                             Hello Site Owners, first thanks for visiting CashnHits.. :) Thanks to the Site Owners who have always shown their interest in CashnHits, as we have seen that almost every new site owner likes to advertise their site in CashnHits; we thought its time for us to say thanks to them and so we have come up with something hoping that it will give the maximum results to our fellow PTC Site Owners.
If you have noticed the PTC Section of CNH, then you may see we have different Category of Ads (viz Member Ads, Advertiser Ads and Admin Ads). And now we have introduced a All New Category as "Good PTC Sites" which will be shown Above any other Category. Yes so now your Ad will be shown at the Top, even before our own Ads or any other ad. Isnt it great? If that's not enough, then look at all the features you will be getting..
P.S. Even Members can buy this package if they want for thier PTC Referrals Links or Blogs

PTC Owner Special Features

1. The Category will come above all the Categories in the PTC Area, so your Ad will be at the Top even before any of our own Ads (only except other ads in the same category).

2. Ad will be displayed for 25 Seconds (worth $30/10000 Hits for only $16).

3. Dedicated AdPanel to Manage/Pause Your Ads. Yea no more Aurora Ad Panel but a New Adpanel and its password will be given to you and so you will be able to Pause/Unpause Ads, set Daily Limit and many other things.

4. Free Banner Credits to Promote your Site even more. Yes you can claim the same amount of Banners as the PTC Hits you bought, by sending us the Support Ticket

5. Ability to put Banner Url, Description/Subtitle, Country Targeting and many other things.

Here are the Prices:

                 If you have liked the features we offering, then we are sure you will love the prices too. Keeping in mind that the Ads worth more than Class B Ads (which means 3 times the price of Class D Ads whose prices are listed in normal PTC Links, its worth more than $30 for 10000 Hits and so around $300 for 100000 Hits, but here oyu have great opportunity to get them very cheap. The Prices are listed below:

10000 Hits - $16 (free 1X Banner Credits)
20000 Hits - $30 (free 1X Banner Credits)
30000 Hits - $43 (free 1X Banner Credits)
40000 Hits - $55 (free 1X Banner Credits)
50000 Hits - $65 (free 2X Banner Credits)
75000 Hits - $95 (free 2X Banner Credits)
100000 Hits - $120 (free 2X Banner Credits)

Your Suggestions are Valueable to us:

                         If you have got more suggestions to make it better or need some other features then please let us know and we will try our best to fulfil them too... :) :)

Lastly We would really like to thank Ishan for making us this feature and Julia and Manu for their immense support

With Best Regards...
CNH Staff

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